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Summer Evening Wedding

a festive heart weddiingTraffic jams, road work and car fires were no match for the loving hearts patiently waiting for guests to arrive. The delayed start time only served to make the wedding ceremony that much dearer as family and friends witnessed Tony and Brittney exchange vows. The summer evening celebration was held yesterday at the Fairgate Inn in Camas, WA. Purple, black and white were the colors selected for decor, fabrics and favors. The dinner menu included favorites like salmon roulade and roast pork. Tony, you win the award for calmest groom ever and Brittney, you get the prize for most tears of joy shed during the ceremony. Congratulations to you both and sincere wishes for a joyful life together. You’re off to a great start!

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Harvest Moon Wedding at the Fairgate

Last Sunday at the Fairgate Inn, Carolyn and Craig exchanged vows as the Harvest Moon was ready to rise. Once a year, the moon rises at the same time that the sun sets creating continual illumination. A wonderful image for starting a new life together. The beautiful garden setting in Camas, WA was the perfect location to make the magic happen. Guests were treated to a soft summer evening under the canopy. Following the ceremony, everyone enjoyed scrumptious food, a candy bar featuring family favorites and a decadent cake (hand delivered by the groom). Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Coleman and many years of moon glow and magic ahead!