“Thank you so much for the wonderful blessing ceremony.  Geoff and I loved it.  It really was just what we wanted and imagined. Our families loved it as well!  You did a beautiful job blessing our beautiful children. Thank You!”     

The Blessing of Children ceremony has its roots in the sacred tradition of the naming ceremony. Many cultures have this tradition in one form or other. It is a time to honor the new life in a family and to present the child/children to the community.  The Blessing of Children ceremony also has elements of the custom of baptism (christening) which represents “initiation into a new life” – most often symbolized by the use of water in the ritual.

While the Blessing Ceremony can be done at any age, it is most often done while the child is an infant or younger than six years.  This is a celebration of innocence and heavenly purity. A time to welcome the child to this world and bless the journey ahead for all of you.

Usually, parents select a couple to be the child’s Godparents.  In lieu of “Godparents” you may prefer the language of “Guide Parents” or “Guardian Parents” – whichever you choose, it is an honor and a responsiblity to be asked to mentor a child so select wisely.  Note: This is of a spiritual nature not a legal responsibility.

Some of the rituals that can be included in your blessing are the candle lighting, water blessing and anointing with oil. You are encouraged to include your own prayers, poems, and music which will be blended into the ceremony.  I am also happy to craft the ceremony for you if you prefer. Either way, you receive a complete outline before the actual event.

The service includes the initial planning session in person or via phone and/or email. Photos from the event are also included in this fee.

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