“On the new earth, old age will be universally recognized and highly valued as a time for the flowering of consciousness.”                                                Eckhart Tolle

Our reverence for the elderly has been long-lost in our culture. Especially in a society where youth and beauty is worshipped at all cost.  Honoring the Elders is a joyful way to celebrate the years lived before the life on Earth ends.  It’s a heartfelt experience that allows friends and family to gather and express the love and appreciation of someone special to them while that person is still able to share along with them. What a great gift to yourself and your loved ones.

Mabel at 95

At the Honoring the Elders ceremony, a blessing of thanksgiving is shared for the years lived and we acknowledge the wisdom gained in that lifetime.  Like the aged trees in the forest, there are lessons that can be learned if we take the time to listen.  As the “guest of honor” you can share as much or as little of your nuggets of truth and gems of experience as you desire.  You can provide photos, music, letters or stories – whatever is most comfortable for you.  I help you craft a wonderful celebration that will be joyful for you as well as your guests.

This ceremony can be held at any “golden” age and you don’t have to wait for a terminal illness to schedule the event.  Some people incorporate this ceremony into an existing holiday like Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve.  It’s also a perfect way to celebrate your birthday. If health issues prevent you from fully engaging in the planning process, I am happy to do the organizing for you.  Or you may know a friend or family member who could coordinate the special day for you.  People love to be asked to help.

The service includes the ceremony, a full outline of what will take place and a free planning session in person or via phone or email.  Photos of the special day are also included in the fee. You are guaranteed a memorable and heartfelt experience.