“All that ever was, still is.  We are a divine energy, a divine life.  In our dying, we live again.”                                                                                      Julia Cameron

Whatever your belief about what comes after we leave this planet, a celebration of life (memorial service) honors the spirit of someone who touched our life and who will forever hold a special place in our heart. It is a very concrete way to demonstrate feelings that otherwise might go unspoken and unshared.

“Our family was so moved by your ability to express the love in our hearts and the sadness for our loss.  Even though we hadn’t been together in years, you made us feel connected and grateful for each other. Thank you so very much for all you did.”

The service includes a free planning session and a complete outline of the celebration including wording and readings.  Optional photos of the service are provided free of charge.  We can also do planning via email and/or phone.