“Homes take time. Homes take attention. Homes are a process. Homes are a coming together of all the aspects of our being.”

A House Blessing sets the intention for love, peace and protection to fill your home and all those who dwell there.  It is a beautiful way to truly make your home your own. As a ceremony and celebration, I liken it to the launching of a ship. Instead of smashing a bottle of champagne across the helm, we raise our hearts to vibrate with the energy of new and wondrous things for you and your loved ones.

“What a pleasure it was to meet you, and how absolutely lovely your blessing was and is for us.”

House Blessings are conducted in your home and in the presence of your family and loved ones. The ceremony can also be held privately – I’ve even done them with the house empty.  I do encourage you to be present, however, so you can enjoy the spirit of the celebration.  I bring everything needed for the service and we usually gather in the living room or dining room.

As with all the ceremonies, you are encouraged to add your own special words, poems, music.  We discuss these details at the initial consultation. You then receive a complete ceremony outline via email.

People have done House Blessings for apartments, rental properties and even mobile homes. The size matters not. Clients have also done blessings for homes that are up for sale – to set the intention for the perfect buyer to come their way.  And more importantly, to feel happy about being in their place until that time.

The service includes a free planning session via phone or email.  Optional photos of the ceremony are free of charge.