Celebrations of Life

House Blessings

Blessing of Children

Honoring the Elders

Each ceremony is as unique as the occasion and designed to include your lifestyle choices.  You can be very involved with the planning or leave it up to A Festive Heart to create the perfect celebration.

Ceremonies are conducted in your home or the place of your choosing.  Family, friends and guests are welcomed to attend. Or you may prefer the ceremony be held in private.

You are encouraged to provide special writings, prayers or music to be included in the service. These and any other special requests will be discussed when you schedule your ceremony. The service usually runs between 25 to 45 minutes depending on your preferences.   I’m always on site an hour before the ceremony begins to review the procedure and address any last minute details.

Ceremonies are non-denominational and honor all sacred teachings.

“What a pleasure it was to meet you, and how absolutely lovely your blessing was and is for us.”

“It … honored where I was at in my grieving process and helped me to find … comfort.  I’m so glad that Jane was able to spend the time with me and I’m still reaping the benefits.”

“I loved (your) energy and enthusiasm.”

“I got so much out of this experience. You are so gifted. Awesome!”

Ceremonies include a free phone consultation to plan your event.  Fee is $225 plus mileage.  Optional photos from the event are also included in the fee.

Email jane@festiveheart.com with questions and/or to check availability.


  • A widow invited family members to her home for a private memorial for her husband. They had held a traditional funeral but it all happened so fast, she was still feeling the need for closure.  Having this ceremony in the home that they both had loved – surrounded by his energy – gave her (and her family) the added peace and comfort of saying goodbye in an intimate and heartfelt manner. Personal note: As I was leaving to facilitate the ceremony, I stopped at my door and felt an urge to take a different CD with me (music is provided) and was surprised at my choice of a Hawaiian theme. After the service, my gracious host hugged me with tears in her eyes and said, “Hawaiian music was my husband’s favorite.”
  • A young couple held a House Blessing for their new home.  The only additional guest was their 2 month old son whom they also wanted to include in the joyful ceremony which set the intention for peace, health and protection.
  • A business woman had recently lost her father who passed of old age.  They had not been close during his lifetime and she was feeling remorse in not resolving their issues. The private and very personal memorial ceremony allowed her to honor him, provided her space to grieve and also helped her release stored emotions and find peace.