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Harvest Moon Wedding at the Fairgate

Last Sunday at the Fairgate Inn, Carolyn and Craig exchanged vows as the Harvest Moon was ready to rise. Once a year, the moon rises at the same time that the sun sets creating continual illumination. A wonderful image for starting a new life together. The beautiful garden setting in Camas, WA was the perfect location to make the magic happen. Guests were treated to a soft summer evening under the canopy. Following the ceremony, everyone enjoyed scrumptious food, a candy bar featuring family favorites and a decadent cake (hand delivered by the groom). Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Coleman and many years of moon glow and magic ahead!

1 thought on “Harvest Moon Wedding at the Fairgate”

  1. Jane,

    Carolyn and I very much appreciate you and the heartfelt ceremony you crafted for us. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day and you played a major roll in it’s success. Thank you so much!!

    Craig Coleman

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