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Top Tips for Florist Picks

Bridal bouquet by Stacey's Flowers
Bridal bouquet by Stacey’s Flowers

April showers bring May flowers and florists all over the country are getting ready to stock up their coolers as wedding season gets underway. If you’re shopping for a florist, here are three top tips to help make the process easier: 1) Bring a budget. Nothing frustrates a florist more than a bride who wants a $1500 centerpiece but can only spend $300. 2) Bring photos of what you have in mind. Florists have albums of their work but you’ll save time if you come prepared with color and combinations that illustrate your style. 3) Bring an open mind. Be prepared to flex a little or a lot with flower choices. That Lily of the Valley bouquet you want may be cost prohibitive or unavailable. Let the florist make suggestions and trust their expertise when it comes to knowing what works. Click here to see preferred Portland area florists.

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