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Pearls for the Lustrous Bride

pearl ringThe Pin of the Week is Pearl. Even though June (the customary month for this gem) is almost gone, adding a pearl or two to your wedding is perfectly right for every season. Pearls represent true feminine wisdom … a marriage of Water and Moon energy. The oldest known gem on record, the pearl has been revered for ages as a symbol of purity and is still prized for its luminous beauty and value. Find more wedding inspirations from A Festive Heart Pinterest boards.

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No Gifts Please!

June bride, Cynthia Mosser, and groom, Ted Boudreaux, have included a special request with their wedding invitation. “No Gifts Please!” Instead, guests are invited to donate to the SW Washington Humane Society or support classrooms in need at Donors Choose.

This simple, thoughtful action can help to inspire others to give mindfully. And what a heartfelt way to start married life.

Congratulations Cynthia & Ted. And thanks for the generous gesture!