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Holiday Wedding Vows by Jane Green

Marie and TaylorMarie and Taylor said “I Do” in the grand foyer of The Fairgate Inn on Thursday evening, surrounded by loved ones and holiday decor. After the heartfelt ceremony, guests adjourned to the ballroom to enjoy delicious appetizers and dinner. The white, black and red wedding colors were perfectly complimented by the inn’s lavish evergreen boughs, red amaryllis arrangements and thousands of twinkle lights. “Isn’t this a magical setting?” was a frequent comment by friends and family who attended the twilight wedding. Speaking of magic, the newlyweds flew to Disney World for their honeymoon and will live in Tigard upon returning next week. Congratulations and many years of  joy together! How you say “I Do” does matter. Contact me to plan a wedding ceremony that reflects your personal style.

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HONEY Moon in June

I’ve heard lots of theories about the origination of the word “honeymoon” but the one I like best is this one. June is the traditional month of weddings (still THE most popular month to take those vows) and the full moon in the month of June is known as the “honey” moon. Goes back to ancient times when it was determined to be the best time to gather honey. Other months offer different titles for their full moons (grass moon, snow moon, harvest moon, etc.). But this is the time of the honey moon. Which finally explains the lyrics of the popular song “By The Light of the Silvery Moon” written in 1909 and the movie of the same title made in 1953 (my birth year). I used to sing it as a kid. “Honey moon, keep a-shinin’ in June. Your silvery beams will bring love’s dreams, We’ll be cuddlin’ soon, By the silvery moon.” Sweet! Click to hear Doris Day and the honey moon duet.