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Finding A Change of Heart


“A change of heart is the almost magical force that erases the distress in relationship and gives you a fresh start.” Whether you have been married for two years or twenty, this is a book you’ll want to put on your nightstand. Pransky offers a refreshing and surprisingly simple approach to understanding interpersonal dynamics. If you’re happily in love with your partner, this can take you to a deeper level. If you’ve hit some bumps, The Relationship Handbook can guide you in making the shift to a sweet resolution. If you want to refresh your thinking about people in general, this will do that, too!

Note: Also available in eBook format.

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Make It Personal

As much as I love orchestrating ceremonies, there is equal joy in showing people how to create their own. Creating ceremonies to celebrate special moments is a beautiful way to add meaning to your life. It’s a powerful force in helping to bring closure, provide comfort, celebrate with joy or honor the memory of loved ones. Ceremonies can be simple and intimate, incorporating private memories and/or traditional rituals. Sacred Ceremony offers suggestions and guidelines for doing it your way. Another wonderful offering from Steven Farmer, this book has been out for a few years but remains a favorite. You can order from Amazon or directly from Earth Magic website. While there, take a look at Steven’s other popular books and downloads. He’s especially noted for his animal spirit works. Enjoy.

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Marry This!

 There’s a new resource in town that promises to be a hit with brides. Marry This! offers themed wedding publications with a twist. Not only do you get photos and vendor info, Marry This! actually answers the question that always comes up: “How much does it cost?” You get detailed budgets with real prices for weddings ranging from 75 to 350 guests. Nice idea.

In addition, each guidebook includes tips, trends and a timeline to keep you on track. It’s like having a personal planner at your fingertips. Plans are to publish a new book each month. The current collection includes The Perfect Vineyard Wedding and The Trendy Urban Loft Wedding. You can pick one or mix and match ideas from several. Books are available for easy purchase and download online.

I love that this business is a collaborative effort between three friends – each residing in a different city (my hometown Chicago, Boise and local PDX). Congratulations, ladies. Best wishes for many happy years with Marry This!

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Blessing of Children

 It doesn’t get any sweeter than this. Enjoy photos and words from Saturday’s special ceremony … and more. View this weeks’ Connecting with A Festive Heart.