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Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul by Jane Green

The Greek story of Eros and Psyche (heart and soul) written in 2nd Century AD is a complicated tale of love.  It weaves together jealousy, deception, marriage, sacrifice, feats of strength and moments of weakness. The original beauty and the beast, in the end love triumphs and Psyche and her lover Eros (also known as Cupid) are united for all time. In this collage, I kept the classic palette of the sculpture and included a few of my photos reflecting the beauty of nature. It was one of the first pieces I did without text. Sometimes the power of the image is all you need. Just like love. This is the 3rd in a series of featured collages. View the 2nd. View the 1st.

Couples Art, Inspiration, love, Love Boards, Love Stories

Love Boards

PhotoGrid_1537810659468.jpgHere’s a great way to make romance come to life. Create a visual representation using the time honored art of collage. You can do it on your own or invite friends to join you and make it a collage party. Supply the glue sticks, mat boards and magazines. Calendars, photos, book marks, greeting cards, ticket stubs … you name it and it can be re-purposed into your new work of art. It’s so interesting to see what the finished product will look like – sometimes it can surprise you and take a totally different turn. Be sure to date your collage and snap a photo of it for a keepsake. Put the finished artwork in a place of honor to inspire your dreams and to help you keep a festive heart. I’ll be featuring some favorite collages that I’ve created over the years. This one I call Bliss which demonstrates the soft, sweet, sparkling elements of authentic love. 

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Owner Just Got Married …

View this week’s FH Mini-show to learn how a local shop owner celebrated her marriage and put her dream to work.  Also in this week’s highlights:

– Little Dresses for Africa: an international mission that started with  pillowcases in Michigan
 – This week’s inspiration: music that reconnects you to nature and peace
 – This week’s photo and reflection: being in touch with your helping heart

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Blessing of Children

 It doesn’t get any sweeter than this. Enjoy photos and words from Saturday’s special ceremony … and more. View this weeks’ Connecting with A Festive Heart.