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Haste to the Wedding

Haste to the WeddingCeltic Harp music has been around since the 10th century and although it has had its rise and fall in mainstream popularity, it remains a top choice for weddings. The versatile harp can produce sounds as soft as angel’s wings for processionals, joyful tunes for recessionals and lively jigs for the reception. The music works for small intimate ceremonies as well as mega gatherings. Popular with brides and harp lovers everywhere since its debut in 2000, Haste to the Wedding by Ann Roos presents a a wonderful array of choices for your special day. The gifted harpist released the CD in 2005 and it comes beautifully packaged with a 48-page hardcover book that includes recipes, Celtic toasts, blessings and more. Makes a perfect wedding gift for yourself or a loved one. Click here to read more about the album and listen to sample tracks.

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