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The lovely bride

Ceremony Date: Sunday, August 2nd.  What a sweet summer wedding at Cedarville Park!  The bride was dazzling in beaded satin accented by her ladies in yummy tangerine. Puffs of white tulle & shades of orange roses were everywhere.  Festivities began with the ceremony at 12:27 pm & continued until midnight.  The event was a perfect blend of modern tastes & old country tradition.   The bride & groom, both in the health care industry, were born in Yugoslavia & most of their 200+ guests spoke only moderate English.  The food was delicious (& a welcome change of menu), the lodge was spacious & the music was lively.  Love, the universal language, was definitely in the air.  Congratulations, Ivana & Igor … enjoy your Jamaican honeymoon!

Igor & Ivana wedding vows

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