TLC Makes Backyard DIY Wedding Shine!

SethUnder normal circumstances, Saturday’s wedding of Seth and Megan could have been a disaster. Smoke filled air (thanks to a forest fire wind shift), calamities in the kitchen, glitches with sound and a delayed start all pointed to a spoiled celebration. Instead, the ceremony was jubilant and the event a resounding success! Thanks to loving hearts and helping hands, the relaxed “it’s all good” attitude dominated the day and lifted everyone’s spirits. Family members from MN, OH and WA participated in the festivities. The bride’s brother walked her down the aisle and her two children were Best Man and Maid of Honor. A family tradition continued as Megan’s Mom presented her with the heart pendant that her father gave to her on her wedding day. Seth’s Mom took on the task of making sure the food buffet was ready and waiting after the ceremony. The newlyweds kept the family vibe going with a honeymoon weekend at the coast including the kids and dogs. The couple reside in Hillsboro and are both employed at Wells Fargo. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Meitzner! May your sweet spirit continue to brighten your world.

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