Putting Spring in your Ceremony

 A “Planting Ritual” is such a lovely addition to wedding ceremonies.  Not only is it a green thing to do, it is a meaningful and mindful symbol of two families rooted in tradition coming together to witness their loved ones starting new growth as a couple. How simple and beautiful is that?  And one of my favorite plants to use is Daphne.  The pink blossoms and green leaves represent the colors of the heart and the fragrance is unbelievably sweet. It’s also one of the first shrubs to bloom – sometimes even as early as February. 

After the ceremony, you can transplant your Daphne into your garden (it likes shade) or use in a container for your deck/patio.  Put it near your entry or walkway so you can enjoy the fragrance as you walk by.  It’s also perfect for snipping and using for indoor flower arrangements. For simple steps on Daphne potting and care click here. Daphne How To’s

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