Colors of the Heart

 Did you know that the colors of the heart chakra (the 4th major energy center in our body matrix) are green and pink?  A vibrant green with a crystal pink center.  If you are thinking about wedding color combinations, you can’t go wrong with pink and green.  Not only do they compliment each other beautifully, there are hundreds of shades of each to choose from.  Soft pastels are perfect for dresses, cake icing and men’s ties.  Splashes of hot pink or kiwi green are great for ribbons, sashes, and table decor.  And florists will love that you’ve given them such a wide variety of flowers to work with … imagine the possibilities with tulips and roses alone. 

And after the wedding, take your colors home.  Pink and green lend themselves well to just about any space especially dining areas and bedrooms.  And if you are in close quarters, you’ll find these colors easy on the eyes and comfortable to live with.  Whether it’s a cozy table for two or accent pillows on a loveseat – this combo lasts the test of time.

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